What are BNNT’s?

Discover this revolutionary nanomaterial changing the world

Boron Nitride Nanotubes or BNNT’s are considered the world’s strongest and most advanced fibre. They offer significant material benefits in aviation, automotive, space travel, power generation, batteries, electronics and defence systems. They have extraordinary mechanical properties and are stronger than any metal or carbon fibre. BNNT’s are extremely flexible, excellent thermal conductors, optically and infrared transparent, chemically stable, able to withstand extreme temperatures, have neutron shielding capability and are electrical insulators.


Our Revolutionary New BNNT Applications

High Performance Batteries

Faster charging, superior battery life, next generation batteries for mobile phones, drones, computers, cars, planes, marine, space, defence.

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Electronic Thermal Packaging

Improved disbursement of heat in computer chips and electronic components for smaller faster computer-based products.

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3D Metal Printing

Enhanced metal alloys and composites with incredible mechanical properties for industrial, military and aerospace applications.

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Transparent Armour

Stronger, lighter, transparent ballistic materials for security and defence applications and industrial safety.

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Reinforced Polymers

A new class of polymers with amazing strength and flexibility while also resistant to higher temperatures. Unlimited applications.

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Stronger Ceramics

A new class of ceramic products with greater hardness and resistance to heat. Improved bearings, brakes and high-temperature surface resistance in automotive, aviation, aeronautical and defence.

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Future Investment

Academic Research

High volume BNNT patented manufacturing process developed by world-leading scientists at Deakin University Australia. Ongoing R&D programs in collaboration with Deakin University, Government and private Industry.

World Recognition

Recognised as world leaders in continuous process BNNT manufacture, previously not developed or achievable.

Industry First

High volume BNNT production for advanced industry products. Leading the world in developing real time applications for this incredibly versatile nanomaterial for industry.

Future Investment Why We are the Leaders in BNNT Technology

Continuing programs and investment in developing larger scale production facilities strategically located for sustainable product delivery worldwide. Industry Joint Venture Projects.


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